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When a player you have on your fantasy football team scores so many points in a game that it makes you want to jizz (cum) in real life. (When a player gives you "fantasy jizz" you then take a dildo and act like it is that players penis and beat it off and clock yourself in front of everyone until you feel like you have appropriately paid homage to said player)
Sludge-"Le'Veon Bell just scored his third TD of the day, that's 49 points!"
Parker, Daniel, J Watt, Turner- "OMG! That's so much fantasy jizz! Gimme that gay dick!"
by Larry James May 16, 2017
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An online game that follows the success of the highly popular 'Fantasy Football.' Similar to Fantasy Football where players earn points for the amount of goals scored by their team members, players in Fantasy Jizz earn points depending on which female body part they ejaculate on. The more infuriating the chosen jizz location for the woman the more points earned.

Points system:
Tits - 100 points
Face - 150 points
Hair - 200 points
Eye - 250 points
Ass - 500 points

Fantasy Jizz seasons run monthly starting on the 1st of each month and ending on the last day. Players may choose to use the same slut throughout or may drop from the team and choose another due to injury or unavailability. A developing website that is soon to go international.
Dude . . that slag I banged last night earned me 1200 points on Fantasy Jizz . . ass, both eyes and hair. Don't think i'll call her again.
by Slut1200points June 17, 2012
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