1. A person who is completely loyal to a game or company reguardless of if they suck or not.
2. A pathetic insult often used by fanboys themselves to try and put down people who don't like whatever it is they like.
3. See fool or SEGA.
"If you don't worship SEGA and send them all your money and pay $500 for the copy of Panzer Dragon I'm selling on ebay then your obviously a Sony fanboy even though I've never heard you mention a single thing about Sony the entire five minutes I've known you." Said the SEGA Fanboy.

"Yeah but the SNES didn't have Blast Processing" Said the Sega fanboy.

"FF7 sucks" Said the SEGA Saturn fanboy.
by Sega Slayer June 26, 2003
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A moronic word used much in the equally moronic world of video game culture. It is usually slung at fans of a popular game by losers who are jealous that their game isn't popular. It is related to dumb terminology such as "noob", used by people who embrace unfunny "humor" that eminates the sub-culture of video game players.
As soon as I was called a fanboy, I knew I was dealing with a putz who listens to idiotic Playstation songs by the losers who can't write real music.
by Gaming culture sucks! May 09, 2013
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The rare form of the fangirl interested in celebrities and fictional characters as well as "geek cultures" (Doctor Who, Star Trek, etc.) If you find a fanboy you should contact the nearest fangirl immediately, as they are an endangered species.
"Hey check out my David Tennant trench coat, I got it for coaplaying this weekend!"
"Dude, I didn't know you were a fanboy!"
by Aim Hemmings July 01, 2015
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A person who loves something without question.
Martigen is such a fanboy.
by bah January 27, 2003
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(n) Technocratic zealots; evangelicals of geekery. Characterized by irrational advocacy of a particular OS, console, company, or franchise.
Most commonly used to delegitimize contrary opinions in gaming forums.

Ex. "Waht the #@%? Darkrev0r jus a nintendo fanboy dont bother with him."
by Dr Know March 08, 2005
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A person who has an undying urge to sway everyone that is not a believer of the belief system they have towards a game or system or every piece of hardware. If they do not succeed, they will not sway from their statement infront of anyone who knows their stancel.
ATI vs. Nvidia, Counter Strike vs. Unreal Tournament, AMD vs. Intel.
by {LoC}Deathscythe April 11, 2004
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a person willing to defend and promote the object of his affection regardless of fact and objectivity. This encompasses everything from technological items like PC's and game consoles to gearheads and fishing fanatics.
Nintendo fanboy: Wii is better than PS3 and X360!

Gearhead: Greddy exhaust is way better than Dynomax!

Fisherman: Fly fishing rods by St. Croix are the best!

Golfer: If it's not a Calloway, its not a club!
by Tony Monteleone July 06, 2006
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