A person who is overly obsessed with a certain company or franchise and will defend it from any person who dislikes it no matter what. To see a person that likes a company or franchise, but isn't completely obsessed with it, see fan.
Two friends are having a conversation at the mall.
Friend 2: Dude, have you seen the latest Smosh video?
Friend 1: Nah. I used too like Smosh, but now they're just recycling jokes to make more money.
*Another guy hears Friend 1's complaints and runs up to him*
*The guy runs away from the two friends, screaming and yelling*
Friend 2: Yeesh, what a fanboy.
Friend 1: Yeah, he was so butthurt. At least I'm not as fanboyish as hi- OH MY GOD IS THAT A NEW POKEMON GAME? I LOVE POKEMON!
Friend 2: I don't know why I'm your friend.
by ThatPyro July 17, 2015
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a Fanboy seems originally a term applied to anyone into comic books, sci-fi, or other 'odd' hobbies. Now fanboy is typically reserved for over the top fans of comic books that dress as their favorite heros, and star wars fans, who seem to do the same.
I wasn't about to wait in line for five hours to see the new star wars film, not with all those fanboys standing there in their stormtropper costumes!
by Shojo Supuun December 3, 2004
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A fanboy is a male person who's a big (kinda obsessive) fan of something. Fanboys often tend to know everything about the subject they're a fan of. When someone accidentally talks about the subject a fanboy is a fan of while the fanboy is within hearing distance, then that someone should run. RUN!
Someone: I just saw the first episode of my hero academia. It was kinda fun.

Fanboy: *20 feet from the conversation* DID SOMEONE SAY MY HERO ACADEMIA!?

Someone: *screams* NO! *whispers* Dude, we have to go. There's a... A f a n b o y near us

Friend of someone: Oh shi dude

Fanboy: *appears behind the two dudes who were having a conversation* Hi! So, my hero academia you said?

by fluff_bombs November 2, 2019
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What most (not all) FFVII fans are.
Fanboy: FFVII is da shit! Sephiroth is the best villain!
Me: What did he do to be so good?
Fanboy: He killed Aeris and he destroyed Cloud's hometown!!
Me: So that makes him the best villain?
Fanboy: yes!
Me: Well, Kefka destroyed 3 villages, killed hundreads of people, almost entirely destroyed the world. And you're saying Sephy is the best?
Fanboy: Shut up!
by Sabin Figaro June 5, 2007
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A "dude" that never gets laid, or fucked his cousin when he was 16. He wears a worn out Punisher t-shirt to claim his stake as First and plans his costume for Comic Con ten months in advance. Lives in the basement of his parents house with his SEGA gaming console which is better than any other gaming console, dude! Gets excited and waves his arms a lot over stupid shit no one cares about. Probably played a animal in a community theater production at some point.

You're a misogynistic fanboy .
by punk8punk February 10, 2019
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A cartoon dingo character that has an inflation fetish and will do anything to get what he wants. (Yes this is a real thing, and no I will not tell you how I know)

Fanboy was created by GreyOfPTA an artist on furaffinity. (Spooky shit)
Run, here comes Fanboy!
by NigisKing December 14, 2017
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The modern day fan-boy is different from the earlier traditional fanboy term. The one most used and expressed today predominantly in the urban culture "Fanboy" means a fake fan. A hipster type of fan who isn't really a fan of the sport or game but acts like a fanatic fan representing a team just to be cool. They don't play the sport probably never did so they don't speak from experience but try to sound like they are. If they did play they definetly were never good at it. And don't even really watch or pay much attention to it outside of socializing and trying to be cool.
Your just a fanboy you don't even watch the regular season and your not really interested in it. You just try to fit in and look cool.
by Da streets June 4, 2017
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