As in Konglish, meaning the literal act of dying due to lack of ventilation (especially in a car or restroom).

Koreans will leave windows open even in the dead of winter to avoid the ugly specter of fan death. Ironically, when they go through tunnels they close the windows, selecting the lesser of two evils.

The Korean government has statistics for the number of fan deaths that occur each year. Some theories posit that these deaths are actually the result of domestic violence, which the government denies.
Foreigner: "It's zero degrees, why are the windows open?"

Korean: "Fan death."
by gdolezal February 17, 2009
A game where several rat traps are placed on the blades of a ceiling fan, the more the better, and when each of the participants are ready, the fan is turned on High. The goal is to avoid getting hit by the traps.
by Goony goon April 26, 2005
The result of someone who twerks and farts at the same time.
At the club watching the twerking when she released the Indian death fan.
by jayletri April 17, 2015