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A Kid's channel in Canada.Has the same shows on America's Disney Channel,Only you have to wait a month to get the show from Disney Channel to air in Canada.
Sally:I watched Family Channel yesterday.I Like Hannah Montana.
by Hannah<3 March 19, 2007
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Lifetime Junior for Canadians...a mere example being the following

TV Shows: Most of the daytime shows consists of stuff imported from disney. Most of the newer teen drama usually features women as the protagonist(Lizzie Mcguire, That's so Raven, Life with Derek). Usually, the fellow male supporting character is seen as either greedy, slack off, profiteering and absolute slobs with the occasional redeeming trait to masquerade that it is actually lifetime junior.

Movies: An even uglier example at work, most of the stuff coming from Family is psuedo feminazi stuff coming off them as most of the movies features the same stuff as seen on TV shows, girls being the focus of the storyline, stuff like Wendy Wu: Homecoming warrior, Gotta Kick it Up? Just mere examples.
Family Channel doesnt deserves to be called family anymore, until they provide society with more guy-centric plot, it will be considered Lifetime junior by those who see past the facade of a family oriented TV. It is just a gateway channel to Lifetime.
by Another Anon February 08, 2008
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