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When a country, a group, or an individual which might have been expected to tamely accept the theft of its possessions or other bullying fights back, and thus sends a message that it, they, him, or her, is not to be trifled (or f--cked) with by the bully or by anyone else.

Similar to the Stonewall Effect (q.v.)
After the U.K. retook the Falklands, the Argentines never attempted another invasion, and there was a noticeable drop-off in other types of adventurism by tinpot despots around the world, largely because they had been chastened by the Falklands Effect.
by PaldanTheGreat May 02, 2011
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When a states-person is saved by events beyond their control, normally the manifesting as a polling spike. Named for the effect of the Falklands War on the British 1983 General Election, and closely related to the Machiavellian concept of 'Fortuna'.
The Tory victory after the 2008 crash shows that the Falklands Effect still has a part to play.
by JoWithASilentJ July 01, 2016
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