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1. Similar to beer goggles, except only experienced by male cadets at United States Air Force Academy. Has the effect of improving the sexual appeal of any women to a greater extent than any alcohol could ever hope to achieve. Squids and Rats may also experience a similar effect.

2. Makes things look better then they actually are.
When the effects of the alcohol wore off, and all the girls at the bar still looked the same, Cadet X realized he might be wearing Falcon Goggles.
by Cadet IHTFP March 29, 2011
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A crippling condition inflicted upon male cadets of the US Air Force Academy that:

1. Causes female cadets that would be average or unattractive anywhere else to appear acceptably attractive, or worse, hot (see golden pussy syndrome, fool's golden pussy syndrome);

2. Causes any female not wearing a military uniform (which, by the way, makes any woman seem unattractive despite any original attractiveness) to appear far more attractive than reality would suggest;

3. May be abbreviated as "foggles", and when coupled with beer goggles, cause the victim to become foboogled, in which case he's probably going to hook up with a very ugly chick sometime soon.
1. Riley is a 5 to most people, but among cadets with Falcon Goggles, she becomes a 7.

2. Justin's Falcon Goggles gives him an irresistible urge to hit on any civilian chick he sees.

3. Cadet X: "I can't believe you hooked up with Kimmie last night. That bitch isn't remotely cute."

Cadet Y: "Dude I was so drunk I barely remember what she looks like."

Cadet X: "Sounds like you were foboogled then. How unfortunate."

Cadet Y: "I don't care man. Still got me dick wet."
by Definitely Not Cadet Y October 04, 2013
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