When a woman thinks she is worth more than gold based on her looks or the mere fact that she has a vagina and therefore men should worship her and or spend money on her.
1. "That KylieJordan must have golden pussy syndrome to think men will pay to be around her!"

2. "So this bitch at the bar TOLD me to buy her a drink, me thinks she's got a bad case of golden pussy syndrome."
by DoobiwUs September 26, 2010
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The unpleasant condition identical to golden pussy syndrome (GPS), wherein a woman believes that she is superior to everyone else simply because she looks good. However, unlike actual GPS, the afflicted individual is not actually attractive at all.

Fool's Golden Pussy Syndrome usually occurs in areas where otherwise unattractive females appear to be more attractive by comparison, and/or there simply is a small number of women in the area. Examples of such areas include service academies (to include the US Air Force Academy, the US Naval Academy, and especially West Point), and the entire state of New Jersey.
Cadet Bill: "Holy hell. Riley is acting like such a bitch. I don't understand."

Cadet Bob: "I know. She is always acting like she's hotter than everyone in the state... but she is ugly as fuck."

Cadet Bill: "Well she would be hotter if we were in New Jersey."

Cadet Bob: "But we're not."

Cadet Bill: "True. Classic case of Fool's Golden Pussy Syndrome."
by Them Damn Sweaties! May 08, 2013
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