Frontinsaying you did something you didn't do.

Man 1: I robbed this man last week
Man2: Nahh you faking jacks

Man 3 : Yeah aight you lying
by FreeAhkil June 9, 2019
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The original term comes from the crack game. It means to sell a crack fiend something other than crack. Instead of crack, it is substituted with soap, plaster or some other substance in order to steal the crack fiend's money.
Raheem sold me 4 Jums, but was soap. He is faking jacks
by Imjustsayinh December 1, 2017
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SpongyRolla: You like ma feets?

Treesha: I’m fake jacking these
by Ernestoski January 7, 2023
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Half steppin on a robbery. Robbing someone and then giving them their things back on the spot. Then bragging about it.
Dude faking jacks.
by True Anlivin' May 18, 2016
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