An outburst of laughter done in purpose to act as if something was found funny, but in reality it wasn't. It is usually found to be annoying and diminishing towards the person who made the comment or joke. If a person continues to do fake laughs at things, eventually they will get used to doing them and will end up pulling them off at things that weren't even meant to be funny and make idiots of themselves.

A person can be caught putting on a fake laugh by him/her laughing too suddenly, and ending the laughter suddenly, usually with a straight face throughout it or at the end.
John: I feel tired.
Ben: HAHAHA!!! (straight face)
Shaun: That was the biggest fake laugh ever Ben....
John: I know it wasn't even meant to be funny.
by Yeosas October 16, 2010
First used in a CAH video.
The laugh of Anthony (BigJigglyPanda) is so crazy it can't POSSIBLY be real
I'm always turned on by Anthony's Fake Laugh.
by anthony's fake laugh February 13, 2018
Forced fake laughing is done when a loser doesn't know how to react properly to something because it makes them uncomfortable but they still want to act like they are high energy and extroverted when in reality they are not.
A: You look like a child molester

B: HAHAH Im obvously not and you can tell by the very authintic laughter i had before i started/ stopped talking

A: Why are you making this so unfomfortable now. It made it so much worse for you because now im sure you are a child molester...

Forced fake laugh is so bad
by Rooney.avanches7 June 10, 2022