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FHS Located in Boulder, Colorado. Fairview is the only school where you will find the kids with a GPA of 5.0 smoking pot after school. Crazy amazing fine arts department/musical theatre classes where people may stab each other to get into a play. Warning: Girls: cannot enter unless you own uggs, designer purses, good looks, and perfect bodies. Guys: are guys.
Both go to Fairview High School:
A: shit i have a 100000 point project due tomorrow in IB calculus and i have to perform in a choir concert tonight, what should i do?
B: smoke this shit, man
A: ok, word
by 0counts1 January 20, 2008
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Located in Erie, PA. A high class public school known by adults for its high academics. To the students its a place to hold drug deals and make out under the back stairwell. The school is filled with wanna-be druggies and freshman whores.

The school is as over rated as a snuggie and as low as the lake its next to. Most students attending it will crash the second they have to move out of their nice cozy dreams into reality....saying they're able to move out at all.
Dude he must be from Fairview High School, just look at how fake he is

Her boobs are bigger than her sweater she must be a freshman at Fairview High School
by McCBG March 10, 2009
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High school located in Boulder Colorado. cocky self centered mass of daddy’s money dependent students who are ultimately smothered by the lack of windows and light causing irrational behavior such as; stabbing eachother in the back, and shit talking every student enrolled for shits and giggles. A fairview high school student believes that they are in fact superior because of their no longer occurring informal dances.
Disgusting, there are fairview high school students yonder.
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by Fuckyoufairview May 22, 2018
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