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That guy that is soooo gay he trots around with his hands hanging at his side like a t-rex and when something excites them they let out a very feminine roar.
"Oh no....hide those Gucci loafers! Here comes Fagzilla!!!"
by Dat C/O N-Ger October 20, 2008
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A most epically monstrous fag. This persons gayness cannot and will not be stopped. Fagzillas have been known to destroy entire civilizations.
Did you see that guido with an orange spray tan and blow-out hair cut who was flexing wearing his black wife beater and puckering his lips every time someone took his picture? He is fagzilla.
by We won Manhattan December 06, 2009
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Slang name for super homo queer; nickname for super homo queer. One whom is most gay, and homo, and queer, I mean really, really, Boytano gay. One who smokes pole at any chance
"Ryan M., line three."
"Hey fagzilla, answer your god-damn phone, Queer!"
by JH8 September 08, 2008
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Someone very gay, someone beyond gay, a person that is a flaming glory hole type gay.
"Hey, have you talked to Rob?"

"Hell no, that guy is a fag. He's so gay they should name him fagzilla."
by TX DSMer January 19, 2007
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Fagzilla is the newest evil to come before the earth. Terrorizin China with his gayness, Fagzilla will stop at nothing. He quickly becomes Pansyman's newest rival!
"run, its FAGZILLLA!!"
by zab February 21, 2005
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