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a one-night chain of events that has you...

1) realizing you might be gay.
2) "receiving" some anal sex while thinking it might be great.
3) realizing that it sucks
4) realizing you are, indeed, not gay but have some gay dude's dick in your ass.
yo, what's with the limp and the long face?

i crossed over last night. it went from fagtastic to fagnastic in like .83 seconds.


by stu in the zoo February 11, 2008
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(v) The mannerisms of a homosexual. IE way of walking, hand waving, lip smacking, eye rolling, hip twisting, method of clapping, celebrting, etc *could also refer to homesexual sexual positions*
He walks sexier than the woman he is with, obviously a gold medalist in fagnastics.
by vell vell December 11, 2007
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