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The act of being or acting like a "fag." A state wherein an individual will not settle down or calm themselves, especially when in an argument.
As a result of Bill's constant faggery, no one will ever love him.
by Notorious K October 14, 2003
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General activity that may be percieved as homosexual and/or camp
"He was skipping around singing Vilage People's greatest hits. Complete faggery..."
by CatsDontLayEggs February 01, 2008
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The act or engagment in acts considered homosexual in nature.

The present tense of an action or a situation of something that would otherwise be commonly reffered to as gay.
As I saw the football team always slapping eachothers' ass at practice, I thought to myself, what is with all the faggery?

I don't like going to San Francisco, there is too much faggery in that city.
by Somedumbcracker January 17, 2006
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