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A band so horrible; that Jesus is currently writing eight billion apology letters to be delivered by Santa Claus on Christmas.
Jesus: Hey Santa? Will you mail this for me.

Santa: Oh, what's this?

Jesus: You know that shitty band I convinced my dad to make while he was really high? Blood on the Dance Floor or whatever?

Santa: Yeah?

Jesus: When he snapped out of it he told me I had to write apology letters to every single human on Earth.
by CbrLaneSplitter250 March 05, 2014
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A worthless techno band that only talks about sex, yet somehow passes with metal heads, emos, goths, etc.
Me: Hey whats up
Friend: Listening to Blood on the dance floor
Me: I want to twist your balls of and shove them so far down your throat you choke and die. Afterwards I will piss on your grave and break your Ipod.
by DarkHeart November 24, 2012
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Jill: I'm listening to Blood on the Dance Floor.

Jack: I'll personally push you down the hill, dump the pail of water on you, then beat you for a good 24 hours with the pail.
by G-Thing 1 February 10, 2011
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The definition of someone raping your ear with shitty music.
Person 1: Hey what are you listening to?
Scene dumb ass: Blood On The Dance Floor.
Person 1: *beats the shit out of scene dumb ass*
by fuckthatghosty December 08, 2014
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An electronica movement, consisting of Jayy Von Monroe and Dahvie Vanity. Their music is popular with 12-26 year-olds. Their music is meant to be fun, but also give out meaning. Most of the Slash Gash Terror Crew is a bunch of crazed teens girls, who freak out on someone if they don't like BOTDF, and don't let others have their own opinion. These girls always talk about how much they want to have sex with the band members, and how they are so "individual", when they are all exactly the same. Most of BOTDF's old music is very explicit like, Sexting, Candyland, Scream For My Ice Cream, but their newer songs have become less auto-tuned, less explicit, and have more meaning than just sex and drugs. Their Newer song include, The Right to Love, Frankenstein and the Bride, Rise and Shine, Fantasyland, and Love Conquers all. To Clarify, Dahvie Vanity is 100% straight, he has posted this multiple times on his blogs. As for the fans, most are those type of girls you want to hit with a shovel, but you also have some fans who are just there for the music. Most of you might think this music is terrible, that's fine, that is why there is multiple music genres and different bands.

Me: And this is why everyone hates The SGTC. -_-
by megster654 April 28, 2012
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Blood on the Dance Floor or botdf are a 'electropop' band who sing only about sex, and somehow became popular with 'emos'. They colour their hair to seem alternative when really they are the scum of the Earth. Their fans are all horny fangirls who think they appear more 'scene' or 'emo' if they listen to them and for some reason worship their awful existence. The worse of the two is Dahvie Vanity who rapes teenage girls and often licks people's faces. He is a disgusting pedophile and I would burn him alive along with all his awful albums.
Peasant: I love Blood on the Dance Floor!!1! I wouldn't mind if Dahvie raped me omg omg omg sexy!!!1!
Non-peasant: I want to be sick all over your existence. Please leave.
by mychemicalromanceisnotdead August 13, 2013
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An electronica group started by the scenester, Dahvie Vanity. Chris was a member until he quit. Garrett Ecstasy was next to join as the screamer. That is until Dahvie took some personal time off from a tour of their's and Garrett decided to commit a numerous amount of felonies against Dahvie, causing Dahvie to kick him out. Mind you, this all occurred AFTER the false charges of statutory rape (a rumor which was revealed that Garrett spread the rumor about the rape. Dahvie was later released when the girl refused to take a rape test) After Dahvie kicked out Garrett, he asked a mutual friend of their's (Jay VonMonroe) to join and help him make a new, clean name for Blood on the Dance Floor, which Dahvie had put his entire being into creating. It was later released in a Dahvie's blog, the contributing factors to Garrett's departure from the group. Dahvie's blog said that not only did Garrett perform a gig while Dahvie had been on leave, after breaking into Dahvie's trailer and using his equipment, but he also used the money from merchandising, meant to pay for merch for their fans, to get another tattoo. Dahvie didn't want to be further associated with a drug addict, which ultimately was a large factor in his kicking out of Garrett Ecstasy and the instantaneous joining of Jay Monroe.Dahvie also stated that he had done all of the song-writing, even for the parts in which Garrett was meant to sing/scream, and Garrett was simply to drugged out to contribute.
Scenester Numero Uno: Dude! Did you hear about the fudged up shiz that Garrett Ecstasy did?

Scenester Numero Dos: Chya man! It's totally redonkulous! I can't believe him! Now I can't get my Blood On the Dance Floor t-shirt!
by Moonbeary June 26, 2011
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