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A portemeau of 'fad' and 'hipster.'Used mostly to distinguish between true cultural hipsters from the retired scene kids, who are fashion hipsters. Often, but not always, lacking the cultural curiousity and interest in abstract pursuits which define being a hipster, but rather associate in a bandwagon like fashion united in bad fashion, beer, and music.
"oh you had a doritos taco, sir?"
"I know I was being a total fadster, brah."

"What is that music that sounds like suicide set to orchestrals?"
"oh, my neighbor is a complete fadster he also wears skinny jeans and is always telling me about music he knows i do not listen to."
"how do you manage?"
"his girlfriend only wears tights bends over a lot, i think she likes me, i heard she has a secret thing for black guys."
"fadsters, those girls are pretty cute though."
"enough to manage."
by Bapataba May 17, 2012
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