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Male children, and teenagers who live in the suburbs of the greater tri-state area. A factory child is characterized by short hair, terrible style, an occasional piercing, and an atrocious italian or irish name. The name factory child comes from the fact that these kids all look the same, as if they were made on some type of factory assembly line.

DO NOT confuse factory children with Guido's, though there are some similarities Factory Children look way more bland, and have very little to say about current events, music, culture, politics, or anything that actually matters.

Factory children can be seen spending long hours trying to take that perfect selfy, hanging out with other factory children, and pretending like they know something about sports or girls.

Factory Children can also be refereed to as suburban peasantry.
"Hey which one of those kids is your friend?"
"I dont know I cant tell the difference between them."
"Haha classic Factory Children."
by Kee Marcello August 15, 2011
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