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When you become intoxicated and friend request random people on Facebook or accept friend requests from people you don't know (often porn stars trying to advertise to you). May or may not involve un-friending them upon sobriety. Often makes for an akward situation when they begin to ask where they know you from.
Ashley: "Who the hell is Will Harvey? Must have been a Facebook-one-night-stand. *un-friend*"

Drunk: "Duuude... *belch* ... do I know that chick? ... oh well she kina fine. *Accept*"

Pornstar: "High! I got some naughty pics from this party last night, you'll have to click the link below and confirm you're over 18 to see them! See you there! <3"

Michelle: "Hey, if you don't mind me asking, where do I know you from?"
Will Harvey: "lol I'm not sure really, it might have been from this one time i got really drunk and started friend requesting a bunch of people, sorry"
by TheyCallMeJosh September 20, 2010
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