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Someone who denies your request to add them as a friend on Facebook because he/she thinks that you aren't good enough to be added to their list.
"I've known Jasmine for a few years and figured I'd add her to my Facebook."
"Not really, she denied my request, even though we have some friends in common."
"What a Facebook Snob!"
by JD9 April 29, 2007
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When a person rejects your friends request. leaves it in pending request mode OR adds you ,but blocks ALL their information and photos from you.
High school friend from many years ago added me ,didn't see any pictures on her profile but could see other "friends" talking about them on her wall.

Only a facebook snob would behave this way.
by banshee2242 May 13, 2010
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A person who refuses to add certain people to their list of friends on Facebook.
" I sent Mac a request to be friends on Facebook and he ignored me. He's such a Facebook snob."
by Scare Jeff July 04, 2009
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A person who insists they were using Facebook back when it was limited to college students, implying he/she was at some time more awesome than others currently using Facebook. This is usually followed by a vague comment reminising about the good ol' days.
Jane: "My great aunt Bertha tagged me in her Facebook pictures from paintball last Saturday."

Jill: "Ugh, EVERYBODY is on Facebook. I remember when Facebook was for college students only. Those were the days."

Jane: "Jill, you're such a Facebook Snob."
by xmilokittyx April 13, 2011
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