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A woman or a girl who maintains a profile on Facebook or any other social networking website with the sole porpoise of attracting male attention.

It is easy to recognize them by their slutty pictures. Nearly all pictures they have will feature themselves, either with underwear, or make up and hair-do obviously only made for the photo. They will nearly always include some (semi) professional pictures of themselves, probably made for a modeling portfolio that never got them a job. Some of the pictures will show them posing in hot pants at hom in front of the radiator and the tucky curtain. Their pictures will consequently attract heaps of comments from wanking strangers like "wowwwwwwwwwwwwww sexy".

Most of their contacts are males that they have never met.

To make sure people will only care about their looks they usually fill their details with empty bullshit that tries to appear sweet instead of displaying any sort of personality, even attempting to look even more dumb than they actually are by putting "hahahaha" as their favorite book.

They would do virtually everything to appear to be the cheapest easiest whore on earth just to get as many men hit on them as possible, so they can think they really are hot and be happy with themselves. Usually this is all what they want, and avoid taking anything with a man any further than flirting and letting him admire them. Just watch: they will never have a wall post from any of her hundreds of male friends that refers to any shared experience. Becase she never meets them.

I can't believe my boyfriend requested a meeting from this local Facebook Tease when he was coming to visit me in my country. Now he says that he didn't get to meet her, as she didn't get back in touch with him after collecting his msn address. Now I pretend not to believe him.
by VictoriaTheSecond February 19, 2009
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Refers to a member of Facebook that flirts with other members of Facebook with no intention of ever following through on said flirtation.

The Facebook tease will also upload dated photos that completely exagerate their appearence, so if they ever do follow through with their flirtations, the other party will be thoroughly disappointed.
I know that chick sounds sexy, but she's a complete Facebook Tease.
by fitty4ex August 14, 2008
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a person who leaves cryptic messages in their status or on people's walls to elicit comments such as "what?" "do tell" and "are you OK?" or just to seem mysterious and inaccessible.
Facebook tease (status update) "re-thinking things ..."
Facebook tease (status update) "the devil you know or the devil you don't know?"
Facebook tease (on a wall) "let's do that thing we talked about"
Facebook tease (on a wall) "sending you a private message about what happened last night"
by dirty microphone January 20, 2010
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someone who leaves their facebook logged on, but then walks away to do something else. later, someone trys to chat them, and they don't respond.
Me: Hey! whats up?

a few minutes later...

Me: well, i guess you don't want to talk then. you Facebook Tease
by j0hn13y November 21, 2010
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