The area in facebook you let people who added you as a friend remain because you neither want to confirm nor ignore them.
My boss added me as a friend on facebook but I have him in facebook purgatory because if I friend him he'll be up my ass and if I ignore him, he'll fire me.

Sheila's in facebook purgatory because I don't want to piss her off until after she gives me the $20 she owes me.
by sole sista February 09, 2010
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When the status of a friendship request is left without a response, neither accepted nor denied, therefore leaving the request in limbo between the two. Sometimes can work to avoid hard/awkward feelings from the requestor.
Yeah, im just gonna keep him in facebook purgatory until the end of time
by DubKing99 July 16, 2011
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When you receive a friend request that you do not want to accept nor deny so they just stay in your friend request notification tab.
My mom is trying to add me on Facebook but I'm just leaving her in Facebook purgatory.
by Mr.McGibbletts March 06, 2016
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the act of neither confirming nor ignoring friend requests of those that I full well know and remember, but who have thrown me even the SLIGHTEST bit of shade in the past. I instead leave them to linger for days, weeks and sometimes a full month in 'friend request purgatory'--for punishment... and purification--before finally accepting their requests and welcoming them into "heaven" (i.e. my friend list)
Did your ex boyfriend friend request you? He's on Facebook now.

Yes girl, I have him locked away in Facebook friend request purgatory, to give him time to think about his choices and hopefully make better ones in the future.
by mskimisfierce May 13, 2010
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