A person who constantly tells people (without a facebook) to get a facebook account (even if they don't plan on talking to that person once they get one.)
Person 1: Hey, do you have a Facebook?
Person 2: No, I don't.
Person 1: You really should get one...
(Person 1 goes on about all the wonderful atributes of Facebook.)
Person 2: Stop being a Facebook evangelist!
by up@6aM March 21, 2009
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The Term facebook Evangelist is used to describe a Christian Person that uses Facebook for Evangelisim purposes to tell Everyone about God, The Holy Bible and about The Good News of Jesus Christ.
To Discuss The Bornagain Christian Faith, Church related topics via online chat, inbox messages, Wall posts, related videos and quoting Bible scripture.
Facebook Evangelist - I was chatting to a friend online and we began to discuss our beliefs and Faith in God.
I asked him/her to Invite Jesus Christ into their lives and Pray the Sinners prayer out loud.

Reference John 3:16
by Glorybyfire. PEVANS June 26, 2011
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Someone who posts bible verses as their Facebook status all the time.
Did you see that Stephanie put a bible verse as her status today again today?

Yeah, she is such a Facebook Evangelist
by monkeyman 777 December 3, 2010
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