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The feeling you get when you come across an old friend on Facebook and realize that their life turned out way better and is more interesting than yours.
Joe: "My wife left me for another woman and my kid should be out on parole next summer. That, and I almost got my mullet grown to the perfect length. So what have you been up to?"

Jim: "I ended up getting married to a supermodel and moving to Monaco after selling my shares in MSFT. Currently doing volunteer work to eradicate poverty. Oh, you may have also seen me in the news recently during my kid's Nobel prize nomination."

Joe: "Fucker"

Jim: "Chill out with the Facebook envy, already"
by brawler_mtl August 30, 2007
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Used to describe people who encounter a social networking profile with more friends and feel upset about it
She says: Dude, I can't believe you have 96 friends listed! I mean, you don't even know half of them!

He Replies: That's just your facebook envy talking, don't feel so bad for having only 9.
by Manst June 02, 2007
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- Someone who you don't know at all who tries to assasinate your character. Usually because the envied person cockblocked the envy'r after one of the envy'r friends made the envied mad.

- A chronic problem reserved for good looking people.
Money: Did you see that shit, It's been more than three months now and these haters still got facebook envy.

mad bro: I hate you money I consider you as a threat to all of us beta males. my girlfriend is thinking about you now. Bitch doesn't even talk to me anymore.

Money: That's what you get for pissing me off and not satisfying your woman.


Money: A four inch penis and an ugly mug? LMAO. I'm fucking your girl and look no hands and she paid me! HAHA

mad bro: <shoots himself>
by theHated January 09, 2010
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