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When someone leaves their facebook logged on and unattended and another person uses this acocount to post a wall message.
Wall posts cannot be racial, offensive, or derogatory.
Limit of three wall posts per attack.
If the person who owns the facebook account is in the room, then you get an extra three wall posts if you manage to finish writing the first three wall posts before he notices.
Lee leaves his facebook logged on and Cheech gets on and posts a wall message on one of Lee's friends. The message written makes Lee feel embarassed. Lee got facebook attacked!
by Cuca May 07, 2007
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When someone hacks a facebook account with the purpose of messaging the friends of facebook holder with SPAM and/or massively altering interests and about me page to make holder look like a complete duche.
Friend:Hey Tony, are you sure your favorite movies are High School Musical 3 and Heathers? I think you've been facebook attacked...

Tony: Shit!
by pseudo-suede February 25, 2009
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