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Friends with emotional benefits or FWEB (pronouned "feb") is a relationship between two people similar to the more common friends with benefits arrangement, except without the physicality. Benefits include being able to whine, pamper, understand, defend, help, talk, whisper, use inside jokes with each other, etc... Hallmarks of such a relationship are two people who talks about sex, but never have sex. One person in the relationship is typically sprung. The other person is typically "looking," "still young," or "not sure." They bear every semblance to a real couple, except they are not one.
An ex-couple which stay close, uncomfortably close, friends.
Those two have a Friends with Emotional Benefits relationship. You guys are such fwebs. Quit being fwebs and just get together.
by yukysaky May 03, 2009
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You can look at her face and tell she ain't got that WAP.
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An intranet or corporate website only available locally. The purpose of a fweb is to act as both a central location for shared documents by means of content mangement software, as well as a knowledge-base for the company's staff.
Example 1:
The fweb has a lot of useful documents on it.

Example 2:
I cant believe they made me rebuild the fweb. VineOnline is a far better name than lafweb. its called English stupid, learn it!

Example 2:
la fweb est tres ridicules
by weHaveNoWebMaster February 10, 2011
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Friends With Emotional Benefits. Kinda like friends with benefits, but with a lot less sex and a lot more silly kinda-romantic talking.
Stephen: Yo, are they dating?
Patti: Not yet, they're just fwebs.
Stephen: Gotcha. That word sounds funny.
Patti: True lol.
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by napilopez October 09, 2016
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