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A Japanese electronic pop duo noted almost exclusively for providing high-energy, sugary techno themes for some anime shows, their most popular releases being "Wake Up Angel" from Pita Ten and "S-U-K-I" from Popotan.
I just consumed 943 Pixie Stix--I'm gonna go listen to Funta!
by Holly Teacakes August 17, 2006
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FUN-TA raise up and perform said act in the near future
ie. I am going to get down in the near future. -becomes- I funta get down.
I funta get down.
I funta marry you one day, I promise.Now get back in the kitchen sheet.
I funta ask you one more time fool.
Yo, we funta watch a foreign film, do you mind subtitles bitch?
Can't I keep him paw? I was funta name him Yeller.
by ________________ February 06, 2006
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F-U-N-T-A. A.K.A Fuck You In The Ass.

Cool guy: Hey dude, have you heard the song Hybrid Moments by The Misfits?

Noob: The Misfits suck, you should listen to DC talk insted you big dummy.

Cool guy: FUNTA that and FUNTA you.
by Zravis July 22, 2005
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