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Forgot To Be Awesome. This is the opposite of DFTBA, or "Don't Forget To Be Awesome."

The Nerdfighters came up with this clever acronym, selected from many others.
I guess he FTBA.


Yeah. Forgot To Be Awesome. Too bad he wasn't a Nerdfighter.

Why's that?

Nerdfighters can't FTBA. They're made of Awesome.
by Nerdfighter4000 September 27, 2010
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Front of The Boat Action - (n.) any actions which take place in the front 1/3 of the boat. The most successful FTBA occurs when one is highly inebriated and performing actions that would typically be frowned upon while aboard a water vessel.
Holy shit! Chaz was so plastered in the front of the boat yesterday that he shat his pants...that’s some serious FTBA.
by Boat Guy October 01, 2017
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