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What casuals won't be able to beat pros in. In fighting games, its a race to see who can get 10 victories overall.
Gabe got killed in a FT10 because he is a "casual"
by PurpleYam September 18, 2011
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A term most used in fighting games. In many games, it’s not uncommon to hear a term like “best of 3”.

Ft10, however, is “First to 10.” The winner is the first person to win 10 games.

If you’re reading this, it’s probably because you are a casual player who got lucky and beat a pro level player who was learning a new character online. This person knows they’re going to beat your A55 in a ft10 if they actually try. Good luck. You’re probably about to get slapped.
You won’t beat me in a FT10.

Devilmaycare loses every Ft10.
by FGC guy October 22, 2018
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