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FOSA is an acronym for "fuck off straight away" and it is used to express a feeling of dismay or frustration.

It is similar to the popular internet acronym GTFO. However, FOSA demands an immediacy which GTFO does not have, thus making it a superior term to use when wishing someone would fuck off... straight away.
"Tits or FOSA" (as opposed to "Tits or GTFO / "You're not going out tonight? Then FOSA" / "I think my sports team will beat your sports team!" "... FOSA."
by FOSA October 09, 2012
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when something or someone is doing, saying, or behaving in a way that is out of the ordinary; the act of doing something idiotic; duh; fosa

** use the f-handshape in ASL and shake it in front of forehead to sign the word "fosa"
Tara said she didn't not want to pitch in for a gift for a friend, but she fosa send other email sound like she want chip in for gift.
by mecodathat November 08, 2011
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The term FOSA is an abbreviation of the phrase 'Full Of Shit Arsehole', phonetically it sounds like the word LOSER but with an 'F' in place of the 'L'. The term usually applies to males rather than females. Favorite past times of the FOSA include, lying to girls, dumping nice girls for skank ass hoes and going to spearmint rhino.

See definitions below;

1. An arrogant, self centered male who women can't seem to get enough of. Usually seen talkin' smack to his buddies about other chicks he's boned.

2. An guy from 'out of town' or 'overseas' that's around for a good time not a long time. Often English backpackers or anyone 'couch surfing' is a FOSA.

3. A guy who drives a shit hot car that his parents paid for while talking on his iPhone or Blackberry. He almost runs over pedestrians due to fixing his hair in the rear-view and cuts other motorists off if they are driving inferior cars. This FOSA more than likely went to Scotch College and will definitely be at Baroque House tonight.
1. Girl "Get out of the way FOSA i'm trying to get to the bar"

FOSA "I just wanted to say how stunningly beautiful you are, I also thought you should know that i'm a voluntary doctor who looks after orphaned children and sick animals in my spare time, I love long walks on the beach, and circle jerking my friends, can I get your number"

Girl "umm ok I spose"

FOSA "thanks, i'll booty call you in 3 weeks and send you a photo of my cock"

2. Murray was a real FOSA, not only did he leave a really pretty intelligent girl when he 'wasn't looking for a relationship' for a stripper with a kid, but he also fucked his house-mate and then got into a relationship with a fugly dip-shit backpacker who wore leggings as pants.
by elwatto May 28, 2011
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