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FOE20 - aka 420 is a student of cannabis and founder of ABNormal Med CoOp (est 2004) that specilizes in Medcial Marijuana. Gained reputation from working with some of the older varieties and breeders of these. He has made strains/hybrids that have been released in Co, Or, Fl, Ca and online in seed form..

Working to beome a Co based caregiver he continues his quest to define strains by variety..Helping people produce them to the highest quality..
Known for helping people establish proper flower times, methods and nutrient formulas by variety..
Strans associated with FOE20 and AB Normal would be...

BlueBerry strains
LemonDust Kush
Blowfish #2 excalibur
UV-series 1,2,3
by FOE20 May 14, 2011
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