Its Father In Law ... Simple typo replacement is FIL
My FIl is the best Father in law in this world ... :)
by Viz22 June 26, 2016
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acronym for FUCKING IDIOT LIAR. A person who openly makes up stories and lies to you, but is ridiculously idiotic and so doesn't understand your superior intellect knows he is lying to you.
FIL - yeah bro, I want to discover black matter, I'm way into physics.

smart guy - I think you mean 'dark matter'

FIL - yeah, thats what I'm talking about, black matter. Dude I got my masters in Physics, I'm brilliant!

smart guy- wow, I think I need to go.
by bigbinthehizzy July 29, 2009
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abbreviation of Father-in-law; often used in internet conversation
My FIL is flying down to see my husband and me this weekend.
by TweedyChic March 27, 2005
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OMG! Beth, I saw Jack at the pumping gas at the gas station yesterday. He didn't realize it was me so i beeped. He waved, paused a second, and then he had this really big shit eating grin on his face only a FIL would have.
by GHFdaja87 February 26, 2006
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Fake Internet Lesbian. An adult entertainer that only performs with women when in front of a camera.
She is just a fil; she is actually married to a man.
by spacedoc October 20, 2006
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