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Its Father In Law ... Simple typo replacement is FIL
My FIl is the best Father in law in this world ... :)
by Viz22 June 26, 2016
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Fake Internet Lesbian. An adult entertainer that only performs with women when in front of a camera.
She is just a fil; she is actually married to a man.
by spacedoc October 20, 2006
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acronym for FUCKING IDIOT LIAR. A person who openly makes up stories and lies to you, but is ridiculously idiotic and so doesn't understand your superior intellect knows he is lying to you.
FIL - yeah bro, I want to discover black matter, I'm way into physics.

smart guy - I think you mean 'dark matter'

FIL - yeah, thats what I'm talking about, black matter. Dude I got my masters in Physics, I'm brilliant!

smart guy- wow, I think I need to go.
by bigbinthehizzy July 29, 2009
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A phenomenon originating from A hipster troll known to be on the cutting-edge of popular message board culture. However, he comes off as an arrogant rich prick primarily because he's an asshole who does nothing but feed on the controversy he has created.
-Hey did you hear Fil won Most Influential Poster on
-Yeah, but in the interview he's a conceited prick. Im not looking forward to his next bloated self-indulgence.
-Oh, I guess you're right.
by Filliam Lardass IV December 27, 2004
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An adult (chick or dude) who is sexually attracted to young children; PedoFil.
The pedoFil had to register as a sex offender when he was released from Prison.
by FilNation October 26, 2011
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n. a dork, loser or idiot. Taken from 'fool'
by shish September 01, 2004
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