an australian slang term for someone snobby. stands for Fuck Im Good Just Ask Me
bryson can be very figjam at times
by kat September 27, 2004
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Exclamation of a fuckin rad feeling meaning, "Fuck Im Good, Just Ask Me!!!!" and commonly used by sports teams
Lax Captain-Bros, lets get pumped for this Lax game. Team- FIJJAM!!!!!!

Im soo ready to lax it up, FIGJAM!!!!

FIG JAM bro brah lax laxer
by Purdue Laxer January 25, 2011
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"Girl I need to get my hair done"

"Fig jam"


Fuck I'm Good, just ask me
by Allen Jonson June 21, 2007
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I term for someone who thinks highly of themselves.

When interpreted, the letters stand for : Fuck I'm good, just ask me
Eg 1- Mike: " I got an A in my test. Fig jam baby!"

Eg 2- Steve: " I can get any girl I want, I just show them my abs and have them crooning"
Jenny: ( rolls her eyes) " Ugh....fig jam much Steve?... Get over yourself.."
by Quirkette January 28, 2016
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Fuck I am good just ask Me

A FIGJAM Pilot named Leigh 😎
Leigh is FIGJAM - just ask him
by Flutterby13 April 29, 2019
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"Fuck I'm Gorgeous, Just Ask Me"
Used to describe a person who is very good looking and KNOWS it (not said as a compliment).
"Look at that gorgeous guy over there."
"Yeah, but he's total FIGJAM."
by Jesica Shae July 06, 2005
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