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Fat Fake Immature Females.
A group of girls who try to come off as badass' but in the end they prove themselves to be nothing but immature idiots. Try hard, but get no where in life. Maybe on the streets..
That skank is an FFIF. Woo.. big deal.
by Sandra Day July 27, 2009
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Facebook friend I've fucked!

A general term which can be used instead of fuck buddy or similar reference.
Also can be used to entertain yourself with friends as a drinking game...drink a shot for every FFIF on your profile.
"Who's he?"
"Oh just a FFIF once!"
by Blondepoledancer August 24, 2016
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Fuck Finals Its Friday

The response of the presently sober university student when faced with her impending doom beginning Monday of the next week. Finals week.
Finals week starts monday I haven't done shit all semester, I should probably stay in this weekend and study... nah, FFIF, I'll get shitfaced instead.
by itsFridayimScrewed December 13, 2013
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