Any high school or college student that just starts studying for their final 5 hours prior to having to take it, and usually give up and go to sleep crying.
Mark Fuck Finals im going to fail to so fucking hard, I give up im moving back in with mom and dad
by Every student in america December 18, 2011
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Another typical scene in a porn movie where towards the end of the movie, it is the last sex scene.
"Aww, shit. I came in an hour and twenty minutes in, but at least I didn't miss the final fuck."
by Andy March 24, 2004
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What you say when something has finally finished or is done after taking so damn long that the wait has pissed you off to no end, especially something that should have never taken anywhere near that long .
My download is done, final-fucking-ly.

The bus final-fucking-ly is here.

I final-fucking-ly got my settlement after my case was in court for years.

That mean motherfucker final-fucking-ly died of old age.
by Curly Stooge July 18, 2014
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~●○☆When a person is expressing how they are so ■♢happy to accomplish something♢□ or when someone finally finishes something☆●○~
Person#1~ hey ,are you finished yet?
Person#2~ No.
☆1 hour later☆
Person#1~ I want to go out, come on, are you finished yet?!?!!
Person#2 No.

○2 hours later●
Person#1~ Alright that's it we're-
Person#2~ I'm done.

by ○Mythology● March 16, 2017
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When someone is in a long distance relationship and they have to leave to go home but get one last sexy time in, usually making them leave much later than originally planned.
"I was supposed to be back home at 8:30 for my 9 o'clock shift, but I had to get in my final fuck with John, so I was late for work."
by Em1616 October 18, 2015
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