Without doubt the greatest German football (soccer) team and one of the world's most elite. Bayern Munich has won the German title a staggering 18 times, the UEFA Champion League 3 consecutive years, among other titles.

It is also one of the richest clubs in the world, and has been home to numerous star players such as Franz "The Kaiser" Beckenbauer, who revolutionalized football during the 70's, Gerd "The Bomber" Muller, Sepp "Super GK" Meier, Lothar Matthaus, Mehmet Scholl, etc...

(The list is too long.)
Champions League winner in 74, 75, 76, 2001.

Always a force to contend with.
by Siegfried April 28, 2005
The greatest team in all of Germany and possibly europe,5th richest club in the world.

18 time Bundesliga Champions,4 time Uefa Champions league winners, Uefa cup winners, 11 time German cup winners and Intercontinental cup winners.

They will own you!
Bayern Munich defeated Manchester United,Real Madrid,Arsenal and Valencia to become Champions of Europe

by Casual_Mohammed January 24, 2005