NOT a way to get extra armour in World of Warcraft.
Uberpwnage124: Hey, press alt-f4 to get more amour ololz!

Assraeper01010l0l0lzzzz: k!!!

Assraeper01010l0l0lzzzz has logged off.

Uberpwnage124: Haha UBER LEWS0R ololololol!
by Ekig April 5, 2010
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kweed stands for "kpop" + "weed" due to its highly addictive content
kweed f4 is a cult (group chat) consisting of 4 kweed dealers who are high 24/7
their representative symbol is "ዊ"
they recently realized that they have no friends
a: no matter what group chat we join
a: it's always the four of us talking
b: we have no friends
b: kweed f4
c: why
c: xswl
d: *picture of jyp crying*

5 seconds later:

d: siwhdjkehdjkehjkdhjkewkjdnekndk
d: *video of park jimin*
a: sjkwkd
b: hdekhdjkehd
c: g2edgh2ebdj

b: *video of kim jisoo*
b: i'm hiiigh
a: so that's why we don't have friends
d: *picture of jyp crying and laughing*
c: why
c: xswlll
by superiorlesbian August 19, 2020
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The command to finish your homework quickly.
(Note: Some people will say it's a shortcut to close your application, but they are just trying to hide the truth.
Person 1: This is taking to long! Person 2, could you help me with my homework?
Person 2: Aah, yes! I know the command to finish it automatically!
Person 1: Really? What is it?
Person 2: Alt+F4.
by Dumme April 2, 2019
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1. These keys will exit a program instead of using the exit icons.
2. A fun way to get rid of noobs in multiplayer games and chat rooms.
Halo guy 1: "Hey how do you change grenades?"
Halo guy 2: "ALt+F4."
Halo guy 1: diconnected
Halo guy 2: "HAHA stupid noob!"
Halo guy 1: re-enter: "Hey that's not funny dickhead!"
Halo guy 2: "STFU stupid Noob!"
by Punkhead May 25, 2005
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A key combination / panic spell that you must use quickly when you're about to lose or die in a video game (on PC) to escape your inevitable demise. Some MMOs however implement penalties for using this to escape doom however as it is considered cheating.
A: "Yo I was playing Roblox Jailbreak and this cop was about to arrest me so I've alt f4 out."

B: "What, I tried that on League of Legends and I was suspended from playing any servers."

A: "Oh Shi-"
by Kit Rat January 27, 2019
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When you simply don't want to have online classes
Teacher: How do I mute you guys
Student: Press Alt+F4

Student: Becomes Host
by Real Baguette May 19, 2020
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Kid: How do i shoot my gun?
Kid 2: Easy press Alt+F4
Kid 1: Leaves
Kid 2: Ha NOOB
by Zoins May 18, 2020
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