A name given to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (BATFE).
John: "Did you hear about that one ATF agent who stomped a kitten to death in that raid?"

Jake: "Stupid F Troop".
by Whisk E. Rebellion April 7, 2009
A group of Fags. Usually partying or clubbing together or doing something that is quite faggy. And usually denotes a motley crew of Fags, not just cloned Fags, hence referring back to the tv show F Troop where there were characters / soldiers of different looks, heights, ages, etc.
Check out that F Troop over there! Did you ever see such an epic collection of Fags in one place?
by sarasplayroom.com June 14, 2009
Legendary football hooligan gang led by "Harry the Dog", they followed Millwall and were featured in a panorama documentary in 1977.
There goes the F-Troop taking on the whole of Upton Park, again!!
by LIONS December 7, 2006