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When a man is having sex with a woman who happens to have an empty eye socket. The man continues to either insert his penis/ testicle into the empty socket. A pleasureable expierience.
Bro 1: Dude, i heard your girlfriend has a fake eye!
Bro 2: Yea
Bro 1: You ever give her a little Eye Play hahaha just kidding man!
Bro 2: Actually...
by Filthy Motha Fucka November 24, 2008
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It’s a sexual act in which the Male shoves his cock into the Female (or another male)’s eyelid and cums.
Man, I heard Kevin got kinky with Abby last night. They did eye play.
by Aaronthechief February 10, 2018
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N: When two people get up in each other's face and placing their eyelashes or eyeballs against each other's and move them around.
"I saw a mother in a game of eye play with her toddler son."
by Purple Gurl February 09, 2015
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