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Extreme Ping Pong (also known as freestyle table tennis). Is Ping Pong but extra points are given for extreme moves such as table handstands, dive shots, blindfolded playing, playing while on a trampoline, front flip serve, causing the ball to set alight, playing with no paddle, playing with two paddles etc.
Variations of the games exist such as XXXtreme Ping Pong (This one is played naked) and the most popular variation No Shots Barred, in No Shots Barred the rules are simple the serve must be a regular one but as long as the ball is bouncing its still in play, even if it leaves the table.
Alex: You ready to beat Dan at some Extreme Ping Pong 2v1.
Johnny: Yeh why not, lets make it a No Shots Barred match.
Alex: Ok Epic, let me just get the BDSM gear.
Johnny: :O WTF
by Nex Solo November 19, 2010
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A game almost identical to Ping Pong, except when a player wins a point they are allowed to hit the ball as hard as possible at the opponents bare stomach, often resulting in circular welts.
Brandon: Damn! what are all those circles on your chest?!

Jacob: I lost a few games of Extreme Ping Pong last night...
by Coolcow379 April 15, 2009
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