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No Shots Barred is a variation of the game Extreme Ping Pong, the rules are simple the serve must be a regular one but as long as the ball is bouncing its still in play, even if it leaves the table. Players may move around the table as they wish and even the room. The game is often judged on points for style similar to the original with extra points going to attack shots (Shots which cause pain to the opponent usually hitting them in the face or the genital region). While No Shots Barred is seemingly a violent game, it is often played in most cases in a graceful manner with players concentrating on more tactical shots rather than pain inflicting ones.
Henry: I've got a really bad black eye.
Josh: Woah dude who did you fight?
Henry: Oh no its not from a fight, I had a brutal No Shots Barred.
by Nex Solo November 19, 2010
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