An ailment characterized by the need to expound on a given topic beyond actual knowledge. The advanced sufferers are often unaware of the condition, loosing the ability to distinguish opinion from fact. Unfortunately there is currently no cure for Expert Syndrome, much like Catholicism.
Did you hear Karl going on about kernel internals at lunch? He has a serious case of Expert Syndrome.
by John Kintz January 17, 2006
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Someone who takes to social media to talk about a subject they know nothing about and suggest that they know someone in their family that's affiliated with that topic,which means they are as educated and knowledgeable as the person just by association. Women tend to do this when they marry someone. "My Husband is a Doctor, I know what I',m talking about"
My Brother is a Plumber. That makes me an expert. EBAS - Expert by Association Syndrome
by Nevadarhodes May 4, 2019
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