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A website where people post their experiences. Usually a very good place to find good porn stories and desperate people.
I found a cum dumpster off Experience Project.
by Damn Damn Danno II August 18, 2013
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A malfunctioning psychiatric hospital hidden in plain sight. A place where paint cannot dry because the inmates lick it off the walls and lower their already substandard IQs and then stumble around babbling incoherently until the wardens return and paint some more. More accurately, it is a place where rejects from the rest of the internet (and life in general) gather to show each other why this is so.

On display here are the saddest of the sad cases. Brainless bimbos, the likes of which would probably be refused entry to sit in the audience on the Jeremy Kyle Show. The most spineless and gutless males who ever lived, each one so desperate for female attention that they even tolerate the most blatantly obvious cases of castfishing you will ever see, and then get upset with YOU when you point this out. The word devolution does not suffice. What you will witness here is actual human beings who have less moral and intellectual value than a late night American infomercial.

All of this is entertaining in a way, though, kind of like watching an old three-legged dog chase its non-existent tail. But you can only watch for so long before pity takes hold. You can only cringe so many times in a day. One or two smart people still linger at Experience Project, but only because they have a sick and twisted sense of humor and no qualms about mocking people of inferior intelligence. But to be fair, they do deserve it. You gotta be cruel to be kind sometimes.
Obvious catfish: Hi guys, I am a 13yo girl, I am new on Experience Project and I love sexting and roleplay ;) pm me xxx
Every guy on EP: Hey sweetie! pm sent :)
Random bimbo1: Dat biatch is stealing r thunder.
Random bimbo2: Hey u guyz I just got my period!
Every guy on EP: Hey sweetie! pm sent :)
by 1alwaysreading March 22, 2016
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A self help anonymous social media website with a large devoted community who were addicted to it a lot and are probably relieved that it ended.

A place where you found people who could get you and shared stuff with them like questions,dick pics,life stories,spam,vents and sarcasm.

Millions of questions and experiences were shared and many friendships were made.

The community saved many lives and would have saved more but was frozen due to sissy owners not being able to cope with new privacy laws and government meddling asking about all the pedos.

Also,owner Kanjoya is greedy and will get free money from the frozen site turning up in Google searches.

A fun poorly modded pit for trolls and perverts but normal users managed to ignore that while complaining a lot. Everyday.
Also had intelligent,funny, depressed and all kinds of people .

Had a questionator who asked silly featured questions
and a much hated bot mod named EPAllie who flagged and removed questions unnecessarily.

Will be missed.
Lives on in spiritual descendants like relatetothat,experienceagain and similarworlds etc and in hearts of every epeep.

The full site remains frozen and you can look it up and have a laugh or wipe away snot caused by nostalgia.

Rumoured to be unfrozen one day, perhaps when the sun melts the earth while becoming a red giant.

Rumoured to contain all enlightening secrets needed for life.
"Experience project was my first online home."

"I am an epeep."

"Totally addicted to it, glad it ended."

"The app rocked, the website sucked."

"I was sent a dick pic today. "

"Many liters of blood ,snot and tears were shed by epeeps struggling to cope with its loss"

"The teens ruined the website."

"Once upon a time, two old fat men perved with each other pretending to be young beautiful lesbians. 30% of ep."

"100% of epeeps found EP through random Google searches , Probably for porn or therapy".

"The questions area is not meant for statements"

"I'm very ugly"- hot girl looking for attention

"Thank You epeeps for getting me, I love you all, goodbye"

"EP is love, EP is life"

"Me too".
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by EnlightenerReal June 02, 2016
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Experience Project is a social networking site that's intended for the people to share their personal views, thoughts and life experiences. Started circa 2007, equipped with multiple features such as, gestures, cyber gifts, cards, chat(paid, free version was defunct in July, 2013), private message, Q&A section, confession and blog (defunct in 2015) and many more varieties, this site has been a venting place for millions and an online 'home' for many people. However, despite of the motto of the site which was sharing experiences or thoughts anonymously and having a trouble-free and friendly platform, the site lost its integrity and goals due to poor handling of the authority, failure to stop online trolls, sexual predator, scammers, bullies and many more. Even if, the members had to go through such complications, Experience Project was/is/shall remain one of the life changing platform for many...
Experience Project: Thank you very much!
by Celestialdragon June 02, 2016
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