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ExMinionOfDarkness is the founder and leader of the Order of the Pocket Scale.
He has an IQ of 147 (if he had a higher IQ, I bet he would do something better than Yu-Gi-Oh such as being an emminent physicist) . He is known for getting rare Yu-Gi-Oh! cards through the use of pocket scale and ripping off little children. He does not try to conceal this and is REALLY ostentatious about it. He is also known for putting sublimial messages in card reviews about Cory's copulent mother and disses Evan Vargas. He has exceptional grammar but Lord Tranorix pwns him at grammar.
" Yay for a card that sounds like food! (Cory's mom would be happy.)"

"Rip little n00bs forever! Copy decks like there's no tomorrow! Weigh packs or don't buy packs at all!"

" EMoD's conclusions:
If you're playing Reversal of Worlds when it comes out, you HAVE to run the 2 you'll be allowed.Cory's mom is extremely large and can't even fit through double-wide doors."
by goauldsystemlord December 31, 2004
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