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One who at one point identified as a traditional hippie, sharing the same viewpoints on politics, culture, sex, and drugs, but have since cleaned up and taken up normal lives. While most ex-hippies remain politically liberal on most issues, their views tend to be more to the right than their views in their hippie days, while several take more conservative approaches to the drugs they once did, especially involving their own children.
For most ex-hippies, the same bands they liked back in the day remain with them. More often than not it remains the only thing about them that doesn't change.
by GaaraoftheDamned December 02, 2013
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middle-aged person who in the 1960's was a hippie and now works as a real estate agent, business manager, ect.
kid 1: yeah my parents cought my smoking weed the other day

kid 2: i thought they were hippies why do they care?

kid 1: yeah they were hippies, now they are ex-hippies. so they care...
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