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A movie where the characters (especially the protagonist) repeatedly does things that are either impossible or highly improbable, usually in an action movie.
(Sees Tomb Raider 2018 trailer where Laura Croft does some stupidly impossible stunt)

Friend: Wow, I guess they're making Tomb Raider Ex Machina
by cowthe2000 March 10, 2018
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A seeming un solvible problem solved by a bullhshit excuse to fuck with the viewers
Why is it the fact in power rangers that a new zord, is made to be an overused exmachina
by Norrabal December 18, 2018
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Adj. A phrase used in "Everything Wrong With" parodies to signify a character or thing is: Done with exaggeration and skill almost as to show off from it's comparison; "glorified"; more effort put in than really needed. Simply: a suffix meaning, "next level type shit". Yes, an older version of a character can be an ex Machina version of their younger self.
(Noctis Lucis from Final Fantasy XV) "Sasuke ex machina! That's getting a sin!"
by you muther jackass April 18, 2018
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