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Gold medallist in men's figure skating at the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics, even though he couldn't pull off the prestigious quad jump like silver medallist Evgeni Plushenko. If you see something radioactively orange coming your way, that's him. He's also known as orange bro and Evan Lysaboutlikingchicks.
Did you see Evan Lysacek at the Olympics?

Yeah man. His outfit featured sparkly snakes designed by his BFF Vera Wang. But he's totally into the chicks.
by nastialiukin March 16, 2010
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Mens' Figure Skating World Champion 2009; Olympic gold medalist in Vancouver 2010. One of the most gorgeous people yet seen on planet earth and thus a model. He also reacted graciously to Yvegny Plushenko's complaints that he, rather than Lysacek, deserved the gold medal.
Girl 1: Would it be wierd if I brought a cardboard cutout of Evan Lysacek to prom?

Girl 2: Only because he's dating Nastia Liukin


Any person: That Evan Lysacek is an AMAZING Ice skater! He has inspired me through his hard work and drive to excellence!

Any other person: ohhh yes.
by SkatersHeaven February 24, 2010
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A phrase borrowed from russian, describing a guy who has had sex with another guy, then tries to take it back. Usually by being a dick to the person they had sex with.
Why is that football player being mean to Jonny?

Oh, he's just Evan Lysacek!
by CorvidaeCorvus January 10, 2011
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