A girl who doesn't care what you think. She is perfect in many ways. She is bad AF and won't give up only because you told her so. Evah is beautiful and amazing. Find yourself and Evah. And never let her go!
"woah! that must be an Evah! she's amazing!"
by Beagle_Woman October 24, 2018
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the best person youll ever meet. shes nice,kind,respectful. she is gorge.
omg shes an evah. damn shes evah!
by Xxgrace❤ January 12, 2019
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A happy sweet person who lives life to the fullest. Although she is nice she also has a bad side so watch out for her. Also she is loyal, beautiful, and didn't give a fuck about what other people think
" Is that an Evah over there!"
by Boyyshefineasf April 10, 2015
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A way of saying "ever".
Don't you evah touch mah girl, or I'll beat the shit out of you, you fucker!
by goodmorningcpt October 31, 2013
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A gorgeous girl. but also a bitch! NEVER ever get on her bad side, she is capable of murder, no joke, if she likes you as a friend she will never hurt you. if she likes you more than a friend you are the luckiest person ever! she is an emotional little shit, she doesn't show it in public tho, but if she does she is so fucking hurt. please keep her in your life, you need her and she needs you :)
person 1: i cant believe evah was crying in class today! i felt so bad.

person 2: yeah! she looked so upset, i could tell she was trying to hide it so bad, i wonder what happened.
by iwriterandomthingslol July 26, 2020
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