killing yourself/someone painlessly to end suffering, or just because.
Animals are EUTHANIZED at animal shelters because there's no room for them.

Smoking is a form of EUTHANASIA because it's killing you from the inside. Ex: The Matches song "Sick Little Suicide"- "Suck back these tak-home packs of euthanasia."
by Shanel April 04, 2005
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Euthanasia is know as a mercy kill to put someone out of their misery humanely sometimes inhumanely in the military without revealing their death wish to their chain of command, superiors.
Sergeant Kincaid and his platoon were creeping thru enemy terrain. Shots rang out and Machiavelli stepped on a land mine. Machiavelli body blew up into two pieces. While the fire fight was at it's Pinnacle Machiavelli begged his platoon member without advising the sergeant for a euthanasia lethal injection. Machiavelli was injected and died a quick death as per his death wish request by his platoon member in which he closed his eyes to show respect for the dead.
by Insurrection June 23, 2018
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