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Splashing some water under your arms then drying with a towel (soap optional). Not to be confused with an actual shower.
"Hey, Poindexter, we're gonna be late for the panty-raid."

"I'd better take a European Shower...I smell like an Albanian."

Origin: bef. 950; ME shour (n.), OE scΕ«r; c. G Schauer, ON skΕ«r, Goth skΕ«ra
by Rufus LeMantra August 20, 2008
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Different from an american shower. When you get up in the morning, you just wash your face and run some cologne in your hair. The europeans are known for having lower standards or cleanliness.
Lady: Hey co-worker, your hair looks all greasy and you smell funny, did you even take a shower this morning?
Guy: Yea, i took a european shower.
by barbarino September 23, 2005
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This is utilized the morning after rather than taking an actual shower. So in place of an actual shower, you reapply deodorant and a healthy dose of cologne.
I smell a little funky today because I overslept and had to take a European shower this morning.
by Holden McGruen August 15, 2014
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