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In North America, Euronomics is the acquistion of various Japanese or Korean entry-model cars. Once obtained, the owner, usually of Italian or other sub-ethnic decent, will proceed to spend 90% of their wealth on maximizing the white trash appeal of the vehicle. Grossly over priced rims, often shiny with spinning emblems, exhaust tips, and other local big box items are highly sought. Once deemed road worthy by the individual, they then proceed to search for a suitable mate, often of the same socioeconomic class.
Mario, a strict believer in Euronomics and also a 10th generation Italian immigrant, spent his life savings on a 1991 Honda Civic, only to find implanting $20,000 North American dollars had increased the car's value by $400.00 dollars, or a large rock of crack cocaine.
by gumpx April 03, 2008
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