The name given to a Eugene with unparalleled intellectual capacity.
Damn, that Eugene is so intelligent. He must be a Eugenius.
by Grantosaurus Rekt November 25, 2015
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"You're driving to Hayward Field and were cut off, then brake checked"

" Eugene has more trees per capita then any other city in Oregon"

" The city deciding to destroy its only source of comedic cinema history"
by Carol.You.Bitch June 20, 2022
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a Moldovian philosoph of the 17th century with a pretty large cum collection and a very popular series of books in 'Cumfinder' universe
A: Hey buddy, your dick seems to be HUGE
B: Like at Eugeniu Stavilyuk?
A: Nah, he's even bigger than my cum collection. Wadda you sayin' dude?
by Pidor Beschlennyi April 12, 2021
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